Theias' Flying Purple Hippos Clan
FPH Clan
Flag of FPH.jpg
2009 Flag of FPH.jpg
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of arms
Nos despuamus corda et flatuamus irides. Ne cibum nobiscum.
Location of Bouvetoya
Location of Bouvetoya
Capital Hippopolis
Language(s) English, French
Religion Hippoism
Government Autocracy
Leader for Life
 - 14 May 2009 Theias
Admins-At-War Lief Ericson
Webmaster Dude
 - 2006-current Elpea
 - ??? Mike
Legislature OTD
 - Upper House Comrade Soggy's Couch
 - Lower House The Streets
Historical era Admin Wars
 - Established: 14 April 2009
 - Admin Wars 14 April 2009
 - End: 14 April 2009
Currency none

The Theiasist FPH Clan was a stage in the development of the FPH Clan from the moment an amendment was passed abolishing elections. The amendment established Theias as leader for life. Soon after the near-unanimous passing of this amendment, the Free State of OTD movement reaffirmed its secessionist stance.

In a reaction to the amendment's passing, webmaster Mike gave the leaders of the Free State of OTD movement adminship, allowing them to achieve de facto independence from Theiasist FPH. The Admin Wars ensued.

Theiasist FPH was effectively ended when Elpea renamed Theias based on another article of the Constitution, thereby rendering the Clan officially leaderless and unsure about the status of leadership. This confusion and everybody not knowing what the fuck soon evolved into the Mythic FPH Clan.