Fajita Junta
FPH Clan
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Flag of Angelfire FPH.jpg Coat of Arms
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Nos despuamus corda et flatuamus irides. Ne cibum nobiscum.
Location of Bouvetoya
Location of Bouvetoya
Capital Taco Beach
Language(s) English
Religion Hippoism
Government Dictatorship
Only Administrator
 - 21 Jul 2004 - 27 Nov 2004 Fajita
Evil Twin
 - 21 Jul 2004 - 5 Dec 2004 Avenger
Webmaster Dudenone
Legislature none
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Historical era Fajitatic Junta Period
 - Fajitagate: 21 July 2004
 - Disestablished: 27 November 2004
Currency Karma

The Fajita Junta was a short-lived military dictatorship in the clan. Following the event known as Fajitagate, in which the old, respected, and slightly demented Avenger put Fajita in charge of everything, Fajita was actually in charge of everything. Then she left and everything went to shit. Fortunately, there were elections after despite her status as Only Admin.

Internet archaeologists theorize that it was this drastic blow to the status of the old elective elite that lead to the end of the Classical FPH Clan and started the Heroic FPH Clan, which had no such elite. It did have everyone squabbling over power forever and ever.