FPH - PW War
Part of Puberty
War against pw i think
You cannot prove this relief doesn't portray that war.
Date Spring - Summer 2003
Location PW, FPH and AoMH Forums
Result Decisive FPH victory; increased e-cred among 15 year olds
Casus belli Someone flamed someone or whatever
Flag of Angelfire FPH.jpg FPH Clan
Pw logo.png PW Clan
Martin, Leader
Talon, Admin
Fajita, Photoshopper
SoggyFrog, dude
Superdroideka, self-styled Elite Phantom Warrior
unknown unknown
none dignity
The FPH - PW War was a bloody conflict in which the Flying Purple Hippos like totally pwnz0red the Phantom Warriors.


Are you fucking serious

So then!Edit

Probably our proud Clan used our dignity and integrity to get involved in a flame war over at their forums. Then a dude named Superdroideka came around with a couple other dudes and launched a counterinvasion[1]. Fajita destroyed them with Photoshop and Talon destroyed them with Admin CP. Also Soggy was around despite having been at TTA at the time.

Cultural impactEdit

Someone wrote half a myth about it before getting bored [2]

And 9 years later it made it to a wikiEdit

I'm pretty sure there are regular wars remembered for shorter amounts of time

Why did you want to know about this anywayEdit