In philosophy, Deadlydenturism is the doctrine that the proper way to handle any clan matters is a brutal takeover. Its influence has varied over the years, but its position as one of the clan's core philosophies is undisputed.


Deadlydenturism was invented by DeadlyDentures, a noble soul from the early days of the Clan. Whereas other men such as Martin were spending their time making websites and recruiting members, DeadlyDentures alone saw that what the clan really needed for a leader to take control, even before anything was happening. His philosophy was met with scorn, and for some reason, people elected Martin as the first leader.

With the exception of a short spell under DD's control, the influence of Deadlydenturism on clan matters quickly dwindled. However, as interest for the position of Purple Eminence became great but re-election rare, philosophers started again turning their heads towards DeadlyDenturism.

The long-standing early twenty-teens 40,000 Post Reich has been accused of being deadlydenturist, but has never confirmed nor denied these allegations.


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