Flying Purple Hippos Clan
FPH Clan
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2002 Flag of Angelfire FPH.jpg
Flag of Angelfire FPH.jpg Coat of Arms
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Nos despuamus corda et flatuamus irides. Ne cibum nobiscum.
Location of Bouvetoya
Location of Bouvetoya
Capital none
Language(s) English
Religion Hippoism
Government Semi-Democratic Clan
 - 3 Feb - 11 Mar 2002 no leader
 - 11 Mar - 09 Sep 2002 Martin
Webmaster Dude
 - 4 Feb - 29 July 2002 Martin
 - 29 July 2002 - ??? Talon
Legislature STTPX
 - Upper House Mod Forum
 - Spam House Off-Topic Discussions
Historical era Archaic Age
 - Discovery of the Flying Purple Hippo 6 March 2001
 - Clan Established: 3 February 2002
 - First website established 4 February 2002
 - The Forums established 29 July 2002
 - Indentured: 09 September 2002
Currency none

The Archaic FPH Clan was the first version of this glorious community. Established one possibly rainy afternoon in 2002, it had a glorious angelfire site one day later. In july, The Forums were started.

Foundation of the ClanEdit

Newbie has discovered the Flying Purple Hippos in summer of 2001, and they have been AoMH favourites in those glorious pre-release times. In early 2002, deadlydentures started a thread asking about clans[1], and Clarissimus suggested starting an FPH Clan. So Martin did it.

So yeah.