The 2006 AoMH Presidential election was held in August 2006, in the AoMH community forum. Marred by wide-spread fraud and voter intimidation, international observers decried the election as a sham and a travesty. Despite clear popular support, FPH Clan candidate Theias lost narrowly to Beany, according to official election results.[1] Following the publication of official results, the FPH Clan launched an invasion of AoMH, and installed Theias as the rightful King of AoMH. Since then, the FPH Clan has at various times claimed ownership of AoMH, especially when Theias is leader of the clan. In the summer of 2007, Theias was once again re-elect President of AoMH, before pro-Beany forces brutally cracked down on the vote.[2] The FPH Clan invaded once again shortly after, re-installing Theias as King of AoMH for a second time. Lief famously published his Thirteenth Treatise on Democracy and God[3] during this period of upheaval.